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How to get stuff for free: Web resources for non-profits

If you’re working for or with a charity or a not-for-profit corporation, your goals when setting up IT infrastructure are two-fold:

  1. Enable collaboration, security and accessibility
  2. Make it inexpensive, if not free

The reality is charities and non-profits often don’t have a very big budget, and even less of it to dedicate to IT.

Here are three awesome online tools for charities or non-profits, that offer a discount on their services:


Slack (Real-time messaging)

  • “Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.”
  • Although Slack offers a free pricing option, it includes a limited number of archived¬† and searchable content (10,000)
  • Not for profit perks: You get a free upgrade to their Standard Plan, meaning no limit on the size of your archive, and all sorts of other inclusions.

Google for Nonprofits (Email, online storage, calendar, fundraising)

  • Get access to a slew of Google services for free, all you need to do is validate your nonprofit status through a TechSoup Global partner.
  • Not for profit perks: Here’s what you get access to:
    • G Suite (Google Apps): Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar
    • Google Ad Grants: Receive USD$10,000 of in kind AdWords advertising each month.
    • YouTube Nonprofit Program: Raise funds using your YouTube videos.
    • Google One Today: Fundraising platform with 0 fees. Only offered to nonprofits in the United States.
    • Google Earth Outreach: Gain access to all sorts of Google Maps & related tools.

MailChimp (email marketing)

  • A popular email marketing service, MailChimp allows you to quickly set up newsletters and eCommerce mailing lists.
  • It works nicely with WordPress and many premium themes support MailChimp integration natively
  • Not for profit perks: MailChimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities on email credit orders.

Chuffed (crowdfunding)

  • Billed as a “non-profit, charity and social enterprise fundraising” platform, Chuffed is going head to head with crowdsourcing giants like IndiGoGo and GoFundMe
  • Not for profit perks: 100% of donations come back to you and the payment platform fees are passed on to the donator.

Other online platforms offer non-profit discounts, such as EventBrite and Shopify. It’s always worth a quick Google search to see if the tool you’re looking to use offers discounts for your organization.

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