We aim to build beautiful, modern, and fully responsive websites right here in Ottawa.

Ottawa web design has been our sandbox since 2004: mock-ups, layouts, graphics, designs. It didn’t matter if anyone saw our creations, it was all about giving back to the people and causes we were involved with at the time.

Ten years later, Capital Web Design is born. This time, the aim is a little bigger – a little more symbolic. Ottawa is our hometown and has given us so much opportunity to grow and become who we are today. And we want to give back.

Our goal is to help local businesses, non-profits, individuals and others achieve a Web presence they can be proud of. We want to give Ottawa Web design a boost, one client at a time.

We are a small team of IT professionals with a passion for Web design and development. What we are not is a big design shop who puts money ahead of quality workmanship.

WordPress Web Design

All of our client sites run WordPress in the background. It’s a robust, secure and user-friendly content management system currently powering over 17 million websites.

Fast, Reliable Hosting

We use DigitalOcean Virtual Private Servers hosted in Toronto, to ensure your website loads fast every single time. The faster your site loads, the more your clients stick around.

Fast Turnaround Time

Many design shops take months to deliver a website and we think that’s unacceptable. From our first meeting to the final deployment, most clients will receive their website in a matter of weeks.

Support & Maintenance

There is nobody better suited to maintain your new website than the person who built it. Whether you choose to host your website here with us, or on your own server, we can perform software and security updates, Ottawa SEO optimizations, content changes and more!


Website Maintenance

When you build and host your website with us, we provide you with the following:

  • Security: Hardened servers that protect your website from malicious actors, and daily backups mean we can easily recover from any incident
  • Search Engine Optimization: We implement SEO best practices on every website we build. Your ranking in major search engines could see a healthy boost.
  • High performance: All our hosted sites are located in Toronto with a 40Gbps direct uplink to the Internet, so they load as fast as possible. We also use premium plugins to provide image optimization, caching, CDN and more.
  • Monthly reporting: If you want to know how your site is performing, we can provide reports outlining your website’s SEO, health, security, and performance.

WordPress Multisite

We have successfully launched WordPress multisite of up to 15 sites. Running on a single server, this is the most efficient way to operate multiple WordPress-powered websites while keeping your hosting costs low.

Fluently Bilingual Staff

We offer all of our services in both official languages. Our team is fluently bilingual in both French and English, and we have extensive experience creating bilingual WordPress sites.

Daily Backups

All of our clients sites are automatically backed up on a daily basis to make sure if anything goes wrong, we can get you back up and running ASAP.

Premium Theme Customization

We’ve worked with the highest rated, most modern premium WordPress themes on the market. Rest assured we know how to pick a theme for your website that is responsive, lightweight, well built and easy to use.

WordPress Migration

Do you need your website moved from one host/server to another? It’s a daunting task, and there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Let us take care of it for you.


01. Meeting

We’ll exchange contact information with you and arrange an in-person meeting. The goal is to learn about each other, discuss your project or goal, determine if the timelines/budgets align, and if the fit is mutual.

02. Project Scope

The initial meeting will lay out a general scope of work required for your project. From here we outline the roadmap and milestones needed to see the project through to completion, and a deposit is collected.

03. Feedback

Leave it to us to come up with a beautiful design that meets all the expectations laid out in the project scope, and present it to you for feedback. This is your chance to tweak to your heart’s content.

03. Deployment

We’ve tweaked the design based on your feedback, set up your new VPS hosting, re-pointed your domain, provided user accounts and step-by-step documentation. Final payment is due.

Basic ServicesWhat's Included

$ 0

Ottawa Web DesignAll hosting includes:

  • Toronto datacenter
  • Daily full-site backups
  • SSL encryption (HTTPS)
  • WordPress security
  • User account management
  • Monthly reporting
  • SEO optimization
  • WordPress updates
  • Theme & plugins updates


$ 20

Per Month
  • Technical specs:
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • Save $20 by prepaying for the year and getting 1 month free!


$ 40

Per Month
  • Technical specs:
  • 2 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 15 GB SSD Storage
  • 2.5 TB Bandwidth
  • Save $40 by prepaying for the year and getting 1 month free!


WordPress: What is WordPress?

All of our client sites run WordPress in the back end. What started off as an open-source blogging platform has evolved into a robust, secure and user-friendly content management system that powers tens of millions of websites!

You can build practically any kind of website using WordPress, from eCommerce stores to photography portfolios. Contact us today and we will be happy to let you know if a WordPress website would be appropriate for your business!

WordPress: Why use WordPress?

Wordpress powers tens of millions of websites on the entire Internet – practically every type of website has already been built using WordPress.

We don’t try to reinvent the wheel: we use our knowledge and expertise to build secure, high performance and beautiful websites by utilizing high quality themes, plugins and tools.

Hosting: VPS vs. Shared

Shared hosting is like living in an apartment building: you rent your own small apartment and you’re sharing the utilities and common spaces with other people. In this analogy your website is your apartment, and the utilities and common spaces are the server resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) that are needed to power your website. If other users are hogging the server resources, your website performance takes a hit.

VPS hosting is like living in a condominium townhouse: you own and are responsible for maintaining your unit, but you get your own utilities and the common spaces are shared with fewer people. In this analogy, you’re responsible for managing your own server and resources (CPU, RAM, Storage). Performance is higher and more consistent.

Hosting: Do you offer other hosting plans?

Most websites do not need more CPU or RAM than we have outlined above, unless you’re receiving a high volume of traffic. If you intend to attract a large audience, we’ll look at options to increase the performance of your server and ensure your site is never overloaded.

We do not offer smaller/less expensive hosting.

Hosting: What if I have my own?

That’s fine! There is no obligation to host your website with Capital Web Design. If you already have web hosting or you just don’t want us to manage it, we can build your website in our development area and migrate it to your hosting afterwards.

Please understand that we are not liable for the performance of the website once it is migrated to your hosting. Not all hosting is made the same, and you may find the one you have isn’t as fast as ours.

What can we do for YOU?

Whether you currently have a website or not, we’d love to chat! Let’s meet for a coffee and you’ll see how easy we make it.